Tony Jacklin's penpix of the European Ryder Cup team

LONDON Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:46pm EDT

LONDON (Reuters) - Tony Jacklin, Europe's most successful Ryder Cup captain having won two and tied one of his four matches in charge between 1983-89, gives Reuters his view of the 12 players who will represent the holders against the U.S. at Gleneagles from Sept. 26-28.

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Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland)

Age: 25

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 2010, 2012

Rory's had a fantastic year, winning two majors, and his achievements will filter down and give the rest of the European team enormous confidence.

- -

Martin Kaymer (Germany)

Age: 29

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 2010, 2012

Martin's another player who is right up there with the best. He holed the putt that kept the trophy in European hands two years ago and captain Paul McGinley will be relying on him heavily this time.

- -

Justin Rose (England)

Age: 34

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 2008, 2012

Justin's another major champion in the European ranks. He's also had a good year and knows everything there is to know about the Ryder Cup.

- -

Sergio Garcia (Spain)

Age: 34

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012

Sergio has also had a terrific year. Much like Ian Poulter, he's a great team man, and the Ryder Cup is all about the team, not the individual.

- -

Henrik Stenson (Sweden)

Age: 38

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 2006, 2008

There's no stronger-willed competitor than Henrik. He is very tough-minded and one of the great players in the European team.

- -

Jamie Donaldson (Wales)

Age: 38

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: None

There's been a big difference in Jamie's game in the last couple of years and I'm delighted to see his efforts have got him in the team. I'll be keeping an eye on Jamie, looking for good things from him. He's another tough-minded player.

- -

Victor Dubuisson (France)

Age: 24

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: None

I've never met Victor but they say he's something of a loner. I watch a lot of golf and he is eminently capable of great things. It's his first Ryder Cup so it will be interesting to see how he does.

- -

Graeme McDowell (Northern Ireland)

Age: 35

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 2008, 2010, 2012

Unquestionably Graeme is one of the stalwarts of the team. He's a player that Captain McGinley will be relying on for a bunch of points I would have thought.

- -

Thomas Bjorn (Denmark)

Age: 43

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 1997, 2002

Thomas has got vast experience of the Ryder Cup team room as a player and vice-captain, and will be someone the rookies look up to. He's been in good form all year and it will be interesting to see if he can fire on all cylinders again at Gleneagles.

- -

Ian Poulter (England)

Age: 38

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012

Anyone who watches the Ryder Cup knows what incredible things he has brought to the table in the last three matches. He's a wonderful team man and is capable of producing just about anything.

- -

Lee Westwood (England)

Age: 41

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012

All the experience is there with Lee. He has a tremendously steady long game, the only question mark is over his short game but if his putter is hot he will bring a lot to the table.

- -

Stephen Gallacher (Scotland)

Age: 39

Previous Ryder Cup appearances: None

Being the lone Scot in the side there is going to be a bit more pressure on Stephen but I'm just delighted he's in the team because he thoroughly deserved his wildcard pick.

- -

Tony Jacklin is on a UK-wide theatre tour until Oct. 16 (

(Compiled by Tony Jimenez, edited by Sam Holden)

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World's rudest taxi drivers -

Rudest taxi drivers on the planet? Let's give that one a Gallic shrug.


Study names French world's rudest taxi drivers

All study survey subjects were British

New York cabbies are entertaining storytellers

A London black cab driver tells all

"The City" is a CNN International special series that profiles the sustainable urban future of five cities over five days. Watch the show every day during our special theme week starting Monday, Aug 19 on "World Business Today" at 1300 GMT and "Connect The World" at 2000 GMT.

(CNN) -- Who hasn't left a strange airport wondering not just whether you should be in this taxi but whether it even is one -- only to be charmed, amused or unexpectedly edified by the person behind the wheel.

Or, it's true, bored to death, humiliated or even ripped off.

Now an online booking service called Airporttransfers has released a survey of 2,162 recent British vacationers, asking them to name the meanest, nastiest, take-the-longest-route-and-still-expect-a-tip taxi drivers on the planet.

Travel shocker! British tourists consider French cabbies rude

And get outta ze cab! It's the French.

But -- and here we perform some fabulously expressive gesticulation whose meaning is "leave my hired vehicle immediately" -- it's also the Italians.

That's right: the two European nations have drawn up level at the traffic lights and been judged equally rude.

But for every offensive action, there's an equal and opposite reaction -- which brings us to Greece.

Some of its taxi drivers, those on the island of Rhodes, were judged among the friendliest on the planet.

The news comes on the heels of findings that people on another Greek isle, Ikaria, are among those with the longest life expectancy on Earth.

Diet has a lot to do with it, but so, too, does a famously laid-back attitude -- something that might have infected the Rhodes cabbies.

But what about those British vacationers?

Could it be that their collective offense-taking at the cab driving Jean-Pierres and Patrizias of this world comes from the famous reluctance of the French and Italians to speak English just because the British do?

NYC cabbies -- let them tell you a story.

Rides worldwide

To broaden the field a bit, what do non-Brits think of cab drivers worldwide?

Asking around our well traveled staff produced some passionate responses.

Tokyo cabbies wear suits, white gloves and put doilies and plastic covers on all upholstery.



But they're easily inflamed.

"Don't touch the door!" warns one editor. "That's for the driver to operate in your first moment of ultra-impressive service."

"Hong Kong taxi drivers can be mean and whiny if you're not going far or stuck in a lucrative traffic jam," says associate producer (and local) Maggie Wong.

"And, as second-jobbing small businessmen, they all have multiple mobile phones on the dash, so forget about small talk."

World's best taxis

Top storytellers

Next to London's beetle-shaped black cruisers, New York yellow cabs must be the most recognizable in the world. You'd expect New York cabbies to be sassy -- but rude?

"Are you rude to them?" parries Payal Dixit, an Upper West Side NYC resident in her early thirties.

"I've found that New York cab drivers are some of the best storytellers -- a simple 'hello' can get them going.

"Some don't want to be bothered, but most enjoy sharing their adventures, whether it be about celebrity passengers or their lives in a foreign country you dream of visiting."

Now, we bet he'd have reason to be cranky ...

View from the front

Dixit raises a good point. What's the view from the front seat?

"You know, 99% of people are as nice as pie," says Steve McNamara, general secretary of the British Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association, himself behind the wheel of a London cab for 30 years. (Another, global survey, it should be said, has consistently rated London's legendary black taxis the best in the world.)

"Cab driving restores your faith in humanity. It can be trying when people say, 'I'm staying at the hotel with the green door.' Don't you know there are 8,000 hotels in London?

"And you get obnoxious people who've been drinking -- but that's not as common as you might think.

"The 1% -- the loonies -- can be right wing, left wing, Christian or Muslim. Drivers always say, put 'em all together in an island in the Atlantic!"

Pull up here

We're getting out here.

In the comments section, share your stories of being charmed, amused or unexpectedly edified by the person by the wheel.

Or bored to death, humiliated or even ripped off.